Peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps

Pomp-Tech is the sole distributor of Espango peristaltic pumps in Poland

The peristaltic pump (intestinal pump) is a device with a unique design. Its operation is based on pumping the medium through a flexible hose using a corrugated belt, shaft, rolling rollers or a rotor equipped with cams. An important advantage of peristaltic pumps is the complete tightness of the device. The pumped medium has no direct contact with the pump structure. Peristaltic pumps are characterized by a high level of pumping precision. Peristaltic pumps are used for pumping and dosing various media. Due to the modern design, they are suitable for the transport of thin and dense, neutral and aggressive, foaming or heavily polluted substances. They are used, among others, in medical equipment for pumping sterile liquids, in the cosmetics industry – for transporting pastes, creams or emulsions, as well as in the chemical and other industries, as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Espango peristaltic pumps

With the most demanding customers in mind, we offer peristaltic pumps manufactured by ESPANGO – an Italian manufacturer valued for its highest quality standards and the innovative and solid design of the offered solutions. Easy-to-use design, quiet operation, and high efficiency and precision are their most important advantages. The range of peristaltic pumps developed and manufactured by ESPANGO is based on close, long-term cooperation with partner companies, e.g. Pomp-Tech, with extensive experience in the supply of industrial pumps to the industrial sector. The peristaltic (dosing) pumps we offer cover a very wide range of possible requirements and purposes – from small pumps for micro-dosing mineral salts in aquariums, to large pumps for dosing milk of lime in water treatment processes.

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Peristaltic pumps – catalog

Peristaltic (intestinal) pumps

The wide availability of products allows for quick selection and pricing. The dosing pumps offered by our company, depending on the model, have a constant or adjustable flow (through an inverter/inverter or a dedicated control panel). We also offer industrial pumps with a wide flow range from 1 ml/min to 11000 l/h. Our pumps have different degrees of protection, open motor (OEM) or covered with different degrees of protection (IP40-IP55-IP65) depending on the model. The offered hoses for peristaltic pumps are made of technically appropriate materials selected for the pumped medium. They ensure high efficiency and pressure (up to 4 bar) throughout their lifetime.

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